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We have decided to add this page to help with many questions and concerns bully owners may have.......
These links are here to "help" you locate information pertaining to English bulldogs, health, AKC standards,
bulldog vet specialists, breeders, etc. Please check back as we continue to update this page!!

Local bulldog specialty vet that has assisted us with our bullies for numerous
years.  We highly recommend this veterinarian services and is well worth the
drive or wait!!

Dr. Butchko

5488 Mission Blvd.
Riverside, CA 92509

Mon.-Fri:  8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 5pm

Here are some practical health care suggestions for keeping your English
Bulldog healthy:

* Make routine visits to your veterinarian for vaccinations, deworming and heartworm preventative.
This is a must!
* Inspect facial wrinkles, ears and under tail daily and cleanse as needed. Baby wipes work great for this!
* Trim nails to a moderate length as needed.
* Learn how to identify ear problems. Early detection is key.
* Do not allow your bulldog to become overheated. This can be fatal! Do not over-exercise your bulldog. Never
leave them alone in a car or unsupervised outside. They must remain in air-conditioning in the summer months.
If your bulldog is panting excessively, try giving them a few ice cubes or spray their throat with a dilute lemon
juice to cut the phlegm from blocking their airway.
* Contact your vet immediately for vomiting, diarrhea, refusing to eat or drink or any other health concerns. It
may mean preventing a serious illness.

The following are links that will lead you to references on the AKC website about
general health care concerns for all dogs :


Nutrition and Feeding

Emergencies & First Aid

Summer Safety Tips

Winter Care for Canines

The Healthy Dog

Training your English Bulldog

Training your bully doesn't have to be a struggle. Just remember to have patience and consistence.  Not only
are you learning your bullies personality and breed traits, but they are learning too!   And be consistent - the
rewards are well worth the effort. These are just a few links of many articles published that may help.....there is
an abundance of info. Available via the web, books, owners, breeders, or vets and we recommend being to them
all.  What works for one bully might not work for them all...........but find the right one that works best for you and
your bully.  

* Puppy Training

* House Training

* Crate Training

Breeding Bulldogs Tips & Guidelines :

These links below are not meant to be instructions on breeding but a mere basic guideline to assist you in
raising bullies.  Please talk to your local breeders and vet specialists before embarking on this wonderful
adventure.  It is a true blessing to have bully puppies in your home but it is A LOT OF WORK and a LIFETIME

Breeding Information Link - Covers the appropriate age to breed, your bitch in heat, Artificial In-Semination vs
Vaginal , C-Sections (Cesarean), Milk Production, etc.

AKC Breeding & Registration Guidelines & Regulations Link- All the official rules pertaining to maintaining high
quality AKC English Bulldogs . A Must read if you are considering breeding, even just once!
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